Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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Today, we rely on Search Engines to find what we want.

We are asking questions of search engines that we would have in the past, had to speak to family or friends for the answer to.

Search Engines have become so good at serving up quality content that it has become an everyday tool that assists us in finding a restaurant, buying a gift, settling an argument or recalling something we forgot.

The problem with search engines is they are machines and software; therefore they are bound to patterns and ways of doing things. There are millions of website templates and website structures that exist and some are easier than others for search engines to discover and index your content for them to serve to people searching.

50% of our SEO services lie in adjusting your website structure, titles and content to ensure they are as friendly as possible for all search engines. We specialise in researching what your clients are potentially looking for that may align with your services and also knowing what search engines look for when serving your content to these clients.

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