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Lead Generation isn’t just ‘something we do’… It’s the only thing we do!


Why choose EMBR for lead generation?

EMBR Group are specialist performance marketers who can help you break through the competition and reach your target market through digital lead generation.

We work on a performance basis and we call it ‘performance marketing’ because you only pay for leads we generate for you, according to your qualifications and criteria.

We currently generate over 3,000 leads per day for some of the biggest Australian and global consumer brands who run aggressive growth strategies and demand the highest return on investment.

Whether you are in a competitively tough industry, or just wanting to grow your current sales, EMBR can help.

Our insight and expertise have been described as “a breath of fresh air” for our current client’s campaigns and marketing strategies.

We pride ourselves on our failures as much as our successes. As it is this insight and industry knowledge that we will apply to help you save valuable marketing dollars on your future campaigns!

We can help with lead generation from a multitude of channels we have available including:

and many more.


Lead Generation Australia


Why lead generation is important to your business?

Leads are the life blood of your organisation. If you are not acquiring new customers and clients then you are slowly stagnating.

Even with a highly successful referral program and word-of-mouth marketing, you will experience an exhaustion of this marketing at some stage. These types of strategies should be complimentary to acquiring new and fresh clients. It is vital that you are running a successful new client acquisition strategy to reach out to consumers outside of your existing database circles to ensure your growth curve continues upward.


How do we overcome lead generation challenges?

One of the biggest challenges facing organisations is the assessment and testing of multiple digital marketing channels and how media is bought and sold.

  • Do you know how to effectively run cost per click (CPC) campaigns on Googles ad network?
  • Do you know how to effectively run cost per impression (CPM) campaigns on social media, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn?
  • Do you know how to effectively run cost per view (CPV) campaigns on YouTube?
  • Do you know how to optimise these platforms to reduce your expenditure without reducing your lead generation?
  • What happens when your competitor (or 6 competitors) enter the same platform as you bidding on the same advertising space as you and this drives up your cost per acquisition?

If you don’t have a succinct strategy in place that enables you to effectively compete against your competitors in the above platforms, then you will struggle to generate leads sustainably for your business to grow.


How do you measure the lead generation metrics?

EMBR Group pride ourselves on possessing intentional measurement strategies planned well before you even commence with a lead generation program.

Before we sell you leads, we ask you:

  • What will you measure?
  • When will you measure?
  • How will you measure?
  • When and what counts as a successful lead and how can we optimise the leads as your grow?

We try to ensure that the our cost per acquisition costs are below your willing threshold to acquire a new customer or client. This enable scalability and growth potential for you and us!



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